Mental Case for iPhone (iPod touch) was accepted into the iTunes App Store today. To download it, either search for it in iTunes or in the App Store on your iPhone, or click this link to open it in iTunes.

Mental Case for iPhone (iPod touch) is a free download. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Mental Case on the Mac. You create your notes on the Mac, and sync them to the iPhone. You cannot create new notes on the iPhone yet: that functionality will appear in a future upgrade. Note that you need Mental Case 1.4 or later to sync with Mental Case on the iPhone.

How to Sync with iSO devices?

To sync, you must be able to connect you iPhone and Mac to the same network. If you have a wifi network at home, it should work. If you don’t have a wifi network, but do have a Mac with airport built-in, create a Computer-to-Computer network on your Mac, and connect to that with your iPhone before trying to sync.

Don’t forget that we are currently offering Mental Case for Mac for just $10. That’s not much more than the cost of a typical iPhone app, and you get Mental Case on the iPhone for free.

Drew McCormack
Mental Case Developer