Most likely, you have already experienced the fact that the work performed with pleasure gives a more productive result. This also applies to studies. Love to the science comes to people much easier when you study with joy. Luckily, modern methods of learning spark the interest in the subject.

If you like foreign languages, then you will need the Leitner system, who developed flashcards and saved us from thick books, homework, and notebooks. With the help of flashcards, where words, their transcriptions, and translation are written on each side, it is really easy to study new languages or, for example, electric circuits.

Progress, of course, does not stand still, and IT-specialists have developed a variety of applications that will become your best friends during the study of new subjects.

Here is the list of the best and easy-to-use applications for the work:

StudyBlue app

study blue app

The app allows copying cards of other users, who created items on related subjects. Moreover, you can join or create in thematic groups, and share relevant cards with birds of feather people.

StudyBlue permits you to media files (photo, audio), quizzes and set up reminders for training. A subscription range of $7-19 a month will give the user approach to all flash cards. The price depends on the duration of the training program.

Available for iOS, Android, and on the web.

Flashcards+ app by Chegg

Flashcards+ ios

This application permits users to transfer photos to ones’ flashcards and save postcards through the A very handy program for students. Cards can easily be shared with others even without a subscription. There are 22 languages available for spelling by the app that allows you to adjust the speed of the conversation. All these advantages make the app a suitable for language studies.

Available for iOS and Android.

Quizlet app

quizlet flashcards app

It is one of the greatest networked sites for using flashcard; its application is synchronized with the web database and grants the option of learning the cards from a smartphone. It is simple to use thanks to a simple interface. You can learn your cards through the games playing, doing quizzes, and browsing through a set of flashcards. There is also the Quizlet Learn function that makes a training plan according to the deadline, tracks evolution, checkpoints, and addresses reminders for study. Extra paying for the program will give you the privilege to mix your cards with photos and delete the ads of the application.

Available on the web, Android, iOS.

Study Stack

study stack app

The application evaluates the user experience with flash cards and allows to learn, play crosswords, games, unscramble, etc. During the game, a user gets bonuses – pieces of cake that indicate ones’ progress. As in other applications, StudyShack allows to look for different sets of flashcards, quizzes themselves and collaborate with other items. A far cry from other applications, it provides the option of more than two sides for every card.

Available for Android, iOS, and on the web.


Brainscape app

This app was designed for cards only – without entertainment options. Despite this fact, the Brainscape targets on finding out and learning new information about own cards in the short time period. The program considers doubling the speed of learning by adapting the time of every flashcard, based on the knowledge of a subject. It collaborated with teachers and editorials to diversify cards and offers new information.

Available for iOS and Android.

Studies App

Studies app

This is the ideal application for people who like to note and observe and want to easily turn the gained information into flashcards. Studies app allow creating entire collections of cards and stack groups, to set up training terms with large sets of notes. In a personal desktop application, tags can be added to the cards and statistics can be shown.

Available for iOS and macOS.


Anki App

It’s quite challenging to find good flashcards application for Windows. AnkiApp is one of a few. It is a simple navigation app that collects knowledge data after a training session. It uses this data for sorting the cards for quizzes later on. While using the app, you can operate other people’s cards or create text, photo, and audio by yourself.

Available for iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and on the web.


iStudious app

iStudious gives users an opportunity more than to write by hand – it allows even to draw the cards. It is possible to type in the application, but writing the cards manually will help you to remember the information better. In addition, it is especially convenient for creating diagrams and mathematical equations.

Available for iOS.

Honorable Mention: PaperHelp Essay App

paperhelp app

The app we’ve chosen for our honorable mention, to tell straight, doesn’t deal with flashcards. But one of the characteristics we’ve taken into consideration all along is simplifying and streamlining the study process. And here one can hardly beat the PaperHelp Essay app. With its help, you can drastically speed up paper writing when deadlines are looming by requesting help from professional writers.

The spirit of the app determines its form – an easy-to-understand interface optimized for tracking and controlling currents projects as well as placing new orders. It also enables you to receive project status notifications, upload documents, communicate with Support and authors, etc. So whenever you catch yourself feverishly thinking “OMG, I need help with my essay here and now!”, PaperHelp Essay app is your primary go-to option. Keep in mind though, the app itself is completely free, but the writing services you order via the app are paid.

Available for iOS and Android.

Now you have many options for using the applications for education. Enjoy!