You can now take your flashcards with you to study on your iPhone or iPod touch. Mental Case for iPhone, which is available via the iTunes App Store, can sync with Mental Case on your Mac, and even allows you to download flashcards from, the largest online repository of flashcards in the World (16 million cards).

Mental Case Lite

Mental Case Lite is a free iPhone app that is designed to be used in combination with Mental Case for Mac OS X. You create and organize flashcards on your Mac, and sync them via a wireless network to your iPhone or iPod touch to study on-the-go.

Mental Case Lite has the following features:

  • Sync flashcards from a Mac with Mental Case installed via a wireless network
  • Syncs your study progress back to Mental Case on your Mac
  • Flashcards can contain text and/or images
  • Browse your flashcards in a list view
  • Study flashcards in full-screen slideshows, in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Navigate slideshows by flicking your finger, or touching the sides of the screen
  • Correct notes as you study (ie mark them right or wrong)
  • Double tap large images in slideshows to zoom and scroll them
  • Browse and search the World’s largest online collection of flashcards, Flashcard Exchange.
  • View flashcards on Flashcard Exchange in a built-in web browser

Mental Case

The paid edition of Mental Case costs $7.99, and includes all of the features of the lite version, plus the following:

  • Download flashcards directly from Flashcard Exchange for free (usually requires $20 subscription)
  • Create new flashcards and card sets on your iPhone
  • Take photos to include in flashcards
  • Edit or delete flashcards
  • Sync all changes, including downloaded flashcards, back to Mental Case on your Mac

Flashcard Exchange

Support for Flashcard Exchange, the World’s largest online repository of flash cards (16 million flashcards), is included in both editions of Mental Case for iPhone. The Lite version only allows browsing, and viewing in a web browser, whereas the full version allows you to download cards to your iPhone, and even sync them back to your Mac.

A $20 subscription is normally required to download from Flashcard Exchange, but when you purchase Mental Case, you can download flashcards immediately even without an account. If you want to add your own flashcards on the Flashcard Exchange site, or use the Favorites functionality, you only need to sign up for a free account at


Mental Case for iPhone can sync with Mental Case for Mac OS X across a wifi network. The iPhone and Mac must be on the same wifi network, and there must not be any router or server between them.

If you cannot get your Mac and iPhone to sync when they are connected to your standard wifi network, it could be because there is a router or server between them. If this is the case, you could try creating a ‘computer-to-computer network’ on your Mac, and connect to that with your iPhone. The best way to learn how to do this is to search for ‘creating a computer-to-computer network’ in your Mac’s help pages.

Windows Users

With Flashcard Exchange integration, even Windows and Linux users can take advantage of Mental Case on the iPhone. Just create your flashcards on the Flashcard Exchange web site in a standard web browser, and then download them to Mental Case.

At this stage you cannot upload flashcards from your iPhone, so if you want to keep your cards, you should create them on the Flashcard Exchange web site, rather than on the iPhone.

Also, the ‘lesson’ functionality is only available to Mac users, because it requires functionality only found in Mental Case for Mac OS X. However, you can still use Mental Case as a standard flashcard application, and study your cards in slideshows; the only thing you miss is the lesson scheduling functionality.