Studies is a flashcard application with editors for iPad, Mac, and iPhone. It is designed to deepen your knowledge in whatever you learn – history, medicine, aviation, martial arts, driving, or law. Studies app offers a solid pack of tools for achieving learning goals. Let’s take a look at what this app comes with!

More Than Reasonable Price

The new app is available for free on iPhone and iPad. As for Studies on Macs, it costs $29.99. The price is reasonable, especially if to consider two coupons that give 30% off (for students and for those who upgrade from Mental Case application). You can install free trial on Mac to test it and decide whether to buy it or not.

Take a Piece of Info and Transform it into Study Notes

Take literally any piece of information from the text to video materials and turn it into similar to traditional yet much more powerful flashcards. They can consist of text, audio files, images, or videos. You can create your own flashcards for better memorizing or download some sets from

Set Schedule to Achieve Greater Results

Specify your learning goal and set up a schedule to make your studying as effective as possible. The app will start making notes due for learning every day. By scheduling your studies, you’ll progress fast and acquire new skills in a relatively short time span. Once you have prepared a set of notes, start studying it in well-designed study sessions. You can grade yourself as you go. If the score for a session is low, its materials will reappear more often in the next sessions.

Statistics Will Show How Far and How Fast You Move

Studies app tracks your progress and presents predictions and statistics on how well you have mastered the material. You can see how many notes you graded wrong or right and how much time you need to learn each flashcard.

Sync Your Studies Across Many Devices

Thanks to CloudKit technology, Studies app lets you synchronize all your studies across multiple Apple devices. You can add some notes on Mac, and they will reappear on iPad or iPhone when you get back to them later. Simply put, you can start a session on one gadget and finish on another. Also, you can choose what exactly you want to sync.

Benefit from Sharing Function

Sharing function lets you share content with others. Thanks to a great variety of formats, you can export archives, files, and standard text formats like TSV and CSV on another device. You can also import many files to the app.

Mental Case Migration

Studies app is the next generation of Mental Case application. In case you’ve been using Mental Case on iPad, iPhone, or Mac, the company will give you 30% discount for Studies. The discount works only if you download the app from their official website and enter coupon MCUPGRADE. Besides, coupons can’t be used in Mac App Store. After you have installed Studies app, you can move all your data like scheduling or study history when you first fire it up. A pleasant bonus is that all your data takes up less in Studies than it has taken in Mental Case.

The Studies application is definitely worth its price. Applying any of coupons, you can get the utility almost for nothing. Before you buy, just test it on iPhone or iPad and see how useful it is for your studies. After that, try it on Mac, and if you like how it works, pay for it. A good solution, don’t you think so?