Incredible things happen when many people join their mental energies to attain a shared goal. The real beauty of collaboration is that it benefits everyone involved. Even if a person doesn’t have an expectation of a return when embarking on a collaborative project, the ripple effect of the participation is an endlessly delicious pleasure of being a part of something bigger than oneself.

It is the spirit of collaboration that makes Quizlet a perfect app for a Mac. Collaboration is the core of iWork apps; it is also the lifeblood of Quizlet. The app helps its users to create and utilize learning materials on just about any topic. The collaborative endeavor of Quizlet users from all over the world has resulted in the creation of an enormous library of materials that are used by students, professionals, and learning enthusiasts to study topics that range from medicine to sports. The success of the utility is underscored by the fact that it is used daily by more than 25 percent of high school students in the US alone.

The article reviews Quizlet for Mac and explains how to use it. Read on to find out why you should become a member of the Quizlet platform.

What is Quizlet?

So what is Quizlet exactly? Well, to properly address this question, let’s deal with some of the misconceptions about the platform. To start with, Quizlet is not a social media network allowing its users to form communities, share content, and communicate. Instead, Quizlet users communicate directly through the content. Furthermore, the platform is not connected with any student information systems designed to manage and share course materials and student data. Rather, it is a user-centered utility for rote learning. Even though there ways to use Quizlet for developing critical thinking, its focus is on facilitating the memorization of terms and definitions. To serve its primary purpose, the platform’s algorithms compare user inputs with a set of answers and mark the former as either correct or incorrect.

How to Use Quizlet

How do you use Quizlet? Well, it depends. Quizlet offers its users several ways to study. The learners can skim through a set of flashcards in order to remember definitions, foreign words, or other educational items of their choosing. To this end, a member of the platform can either use Quizlet flashcards created by other users or make their own. Each flashcard can be supplemented with an image, thereby improving its visual appeal and increasing memorability. Quizlet library contains thousands of images on a wide range of subjects such as Art History, Chemistry, Economics, Nursing, Philosophy, and Biology among others. Once a set of flashcards is complete, a student can use it or share it with their classmates. The ability to create one’s own content comes in handy when there’s a need to learn something specific within a narrow field of study. For example, a pediatric dermatologist studying for a test will benefit enormously from a custom set of flashcards on dermatological disorders in neonates.

Another mode of study available to the platform users is Quizlet Learn. Everyone who has an important exam coming up can kick-start their learning mojo by following a study plan. The mode uses unobtrusive push notifications to remind users what and when to study. Quizlet Learn shows the members of the platform their progress and encourages them to participate in short study sessions. By analyzing data from millions of sessions created by Quizlet users, the platform helps to create relevant and engaging materials. Furthermore, the platform drives learning by modifying study sessions in accordance with the most effective theoretical underpinnings of cognitive science.

How to Find Study Materials on Quizlet?

There’s no better way to get acquainted with Quizlet than to use study materials created by other members of the platform. Taking into consideration the fact that millions of students and teachers from all over the globe regularly create study sets, there’s a high likelihood that you will find what you need. Quizlet study sets feature multiple choice, true/false, and other types of questions on just about any topic that can be used for tests, pop quizzes, and even games.

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To find available study materials, use the magnifying glass icon located at the top left corner of any page on the platform. Depending on what you are looking for, enter a subject, a topic, or a name of the specific exam. Then, press enter and choose a study set to your liking from a list of results. Use a preview option to select the best set. It is also recommended to sort the results with the help of the Options menu, thereby improving the relevancy of the found materials.

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Mobile App

You can always enjoy Quizlet on the go with the help of the official mobile app. If you are asking “Does Quizlet work offline?” the answer is a resounding “Yes.” To do so, you should launch the app and enable the offline mode in the Settings. The app will automatically download the latest ten study sets that you’ve used most recently. It is also possible to download sets of one’s choosing on an iPhone. The downloaded sets will appear in the app, and the student can use them as usual.