Since we started developing for the iPhone, Mental Case has seen a welcome burst of sales, not only on the iPhone, but also on the Mac. It is difficult to say what exactly is responsible for this, but it is a good bet that it is a combination of having a syncing iPhone client, teaming up with Flashcard Exchange for content, and lowering the price on the Mac to $15 for students. These decisions seem to be at the root of the sales renaissance, but whatever the cause, it’s good news for us as developers of the app, but equally good news for users that have ‘invested’ in the app.

You may not realize it, but until now Mental Case has been largely a hobby. It has generated some pocket money, but it has been completely developed in our spare time. The good news is that that is about to change. If you think Mental Case is already quite a good product, wait until we can spend all of our time on it.

The increase in revenue means one of us, Drew McCormack, is leaving his day job to become a full time indy developer, with Mental Case at the core. Drew will be beginning full time work on Mental Case in June, and will start on Mental Case 2.0, a complete rewrite of Mental Case for Mac OS X 10.5 and later. It will hopefully address many of the feature requests we receive — the ones that we have not already addressed before June — but our ambitions are much greater than that.

We’ve always seen Mental Case as more than just a standard flash card application. You can see that in some of the features in version 1.x: screen capture, quick notes, an automated lesson. We see Mental Case as being potentially a complete learning platform, and the plan is to have version 2.0 fulfill that objective. It’s still quite a way away — it will probably be the end of the year before it becomes a reality for users — but it is within sight.

There will also be a few other changes in the coming months. We’ll be changing our company name, to avoid potential trademark conflicts with Apple. Our new name is “The Mental Faculty”. Don’t be surprised or worried when the company badge or email address changes: it’s the same company, just a different name.

All in all, we are very positive about the future, and I hope you are too. As a Mental Case user, you have invested in our future by paying the license fee, and we hope to return the favor by making Mental Case even better than it already is. We’ll keep you posted as we go…