Mental Case brings premium quality flash cards to your Mac and iPhone. Use it to learn a language, memorize trivia, or study for an exam. Enter your information directly, or import it from online sources like The Flashcard Exchange. Mental Case automatically generates lessons for you, syncs them to your iPhone or iPod touch, and even tells you when to study.

Mental Case is also a drop box for useful information that you come across in the course of the day. With built-in screen and iSight capture, Mental Case can collect just about any piece of information from the real and virtual worlds, and will remind you about it when you next sit down to study.

You can enter text, drop in an image, take a screen shot, or snap a photo with your iSight. Your new mental note is scheduled to appear in future lessons, beautifully-presented slide shows which make studying something to look forward to.

What the Critics Say…

“Mental Case is a beautifully designed new commercial offering in the flashcard software world … It offers excellent support for interval study, graded slideshows for both study on demand and interval study as well as convenient set management. ”

K. M. Lawson (

“ As a whole, this program really has an AJAX/Web 2.0 feel to it, and is very professional.”

Grey Matters Blog (

Uses for Mental Case

The things you can use Mental Case for are as diverse as knowledge itself. Use it to remember day-to-day things like phone numbers, birthdays, and recipes. Study mathematics or history for an exam at school or college. You can even use it for self-development: remind yourself what’s important in life (like your family and friends) or motivate yourself to continue a personal project or stick to that diet.

We’ve come up with a list of uses to give you some ideas, but it’s far from exhaustive. Anything that you would ever want to remember or be reminded of can be put into Mental Case.

Know-Where: Existence Recall

There is so much information available to us in the information age that it is impossible to remember it all. What distinguishes a knowledgeable person from a less-knowledgeable one? More and more, it is not about what you know, but where you know to find out more. We call this ‘know-where’, because you know about the existence of something and where to find the details.

Mental Case is very useful for improving your know-where. It can help you recall the existence of a book, web site, or particular technique so — when you need to draw on that information — you know where to find out more. Knowing what to search for is 99% of the battle. Don’t go nowhere, go know-where — Mental Case makes it easy.


If you are still having trouble understanding what Mental Case is all about, and how it works in practice, you can take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, ask a question in our Forums, or send an email and ask us directly.